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Florida Forces Opioid Abusers to Get Help


Where do your Constitutional rights end? Do they end when you are convicted of a crime, or in this case, when someone who is not a judge, can determine, without your consent, that you should be involuntarily committed for substance abuse that they feel makes you a danger to yourself or to others. " ......Read more

Pharmaceutical Executive Sentenced To 66 Months In Prison In Opioid Trial


The sentencing of a former pharmaceutical executive to more than five years in prison is being hailed as a potentially important warning to other pharmaceutical executives. Although this trial will hopefully signal the start of other prosecutions, it is also remarkable such prosecutions aren't already common. Reports indicate that in the United States alone more...Read more

Benzodiazepine prescriptions reach ‘disturbing’ levels in the US


This article reports on a disconcerting trend -- a high level of benzodiazepine prescription in the US and abroad. In too many cases, the benzodiazepine's were co-prescribed with opioids even though the combination of the two can be fatal.  The article also points out that benzodiazepine deaths have gone up substantially in the US over...Read more

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