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The medications that change who we are


An interesting article concerning possible personality and other changes caused by commonly available, prescribed or over-the-counter drugs. While the article relates to drugs other than those typically associated with addiction or addiction treatment, it would also seem to raise a red flag for the widespread, indiscriminate use of drugs.  If, as the research suggests, commonly...Read more

Disease Model Proponents Are the Climate Change Deniers of Our Field


An important statement of the problem and consequences of adopting an overly-medicalized view of addiction. In part, it says:  "Convincing us that addiction is inevitable and inescapable—in the face of ubiquitous evidence that it is culturally and cognitively inculcated and very escapable—is a self-fulfilling prophecy. (Unlike addiction, people don’t generally escape diseases like cancer through...Read more

Purdue Pharma’s Foreign Affiliate Now Selling Overdose Cure


This article covers the history of Purdue Pharma playing both ends of the problem -- providing opioids that lead to addition and other drugs for those who become addicted.  This serves as a cautionary tale for communities considering drug-based "solutions" to the opioid crisis. The player with the largest marketing budget is Big Pharma and...Read more

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