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Christiana Care reports progress in cutting use of opioids


Christina Care, Delaware's largest health care provider, took a strong action of dramatically cutting back the amount of opioids that were prescribed. This was done as a plan to lower the chronic use of opioids, cut-back the number of opioid addicts and thus reduce overdose deaths. It has now been widely acknowledged that years of...Read more

Natural recoverers kick addiction without help


A Harvard Medical Publishing article about how to end addiction without having to use any drug or going to a treatment center. It stresses that "natural recoveries," often can end addictions.  This two step process involves doing something new to fill that void in your life that the addiction took. Take up a new hobby,...Read more

The Great Suboxone Debate


Suboxone has garnered a greatly divided crowd.  When asked if it should be used as a way to detox from opioid addiction, most agree yes to this, but when asked if it should be a maintenance drug, the gap is quite obvious between those who insist that it will return addicts to a "normal life,"...Read more

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