Commentaries and opinions from individuals and organizations focusing on drug addiction, public policy, treatment outcomes, choice and unintended consequences.

In Newly Released Deposition, OxyContin Owner Defends Response to Reports of Abuse


Purdue Pharma, maker of OxyContin, owned by the billionaire Sackler family, now has one of it's former Presidents, Richard Sackler, in legal hot water. During his deposition given in March 2019, it became clear that the family made billions of dollars in profit without giving due care or concern for the effects that were created ...Read more

New FDA draft MAT guidelines raise disturbing questions


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just issued guidelines to the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to encourage them to bring novel drugs to market to assist opioid addicts in their quest for recovery. Whether or not this is good news for any family seeking to save a loved one’s life depends on what …Read more

Medication-Assisted Treatment, another link in Big Pharma’s chain of addiction


We have been immersed recently in the opioid crisis, with headines of drug-fueled overdose deaths. Behind the headlines are the continuing stories of degradation, crime, disease, prostitution and murder. Addicts, some of whom became hooked first on prescribed pharmaceuticals have swollen the ranks of the homeless, the incarcerated and the dead. If you have an …Read more

Today’s Traveling Patent-Medicine Show

A hundred years ago, traveling shows peddled patent medicine, sometimes one step ahead of the authorities. Ingredients included opium, alcohol, laudanum, radium, and other illicit substances. Tapeworm larvae were sometimes suspended in weight-reduction remedies. By the time the authorities closed in, the wagon, the salesman and his wares were gone, leaving the purchaser or the …Read more

Opioid makers should pay for anti-addiction efforts


Dr. Richard Bruno, a family physician treating the uninsured in Baltimore and a Democratic candidate for State Delegate weighs in on who should pay for addressing the opioid crisis. Dr. Bruno opines that, just as tobacco companies had to admit misleading the American public about the dangers of smoking and pay for the health crisis ...Read more

Remarkable Senate testimony from Sam Quinones

Sam Quinones is the author of the remarkable book "Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic," a must-read for anyone interesting in knowing how we got into the current opioid crisis and what needs to be done to overcome it. Mr. Quinones recently testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. ...Read more

Drug companies submerged WV in opioids: One town of 3,000 got 21 million pills

The headline, the excerpt below and the full article speak for themselves. While Congress and lawsuits dig into exactly who did what in the past, policy makers, communities, treatment providers and families need to keep the drug company track record in mind when making decisions today about how to deal with the crisis.  When drug ...Read more

Addiction: Not just brain malfunction


A letter-to-the-editor in Nature responds to an editorial published in Nature in February 2014 that claimed "drug addiction is a disease" and that "none of that [the brain theory of addiction] is particularly controversial, at least among scientists."  The response disagrees with the "one-dimensional view that addiction is a disease, and with your claim that this ...Read more