Real Stories

Even as we work to tackle the large issues of addiction, we must keep in mind this is a personal crisis, affecting individuals and their families. This means that the successes are personal as well — the individual addict in recovery, the family that is saved. Particularly where the public policy pendulum wants to swing towards long-term Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), we need to be reminded that MAT is not a panacea and that many people in recovery do achieve a completely drug-free life.

It’s Positioned as the “Go-To Drug To Treat Opioid Addiction” But it has Downsides


This story highlights both arguments for and against the use of buprenorphine (Suboxone) to address the opioid crisis. The primary argument for is that it can save lives by helping patients to manage withdrawal symptoms.  The primary arguments against include: its widespread diversion to illegal use, the tendency for pharmacies where it is sold to ...Read more

Health board aims to curb drug overdoses of Indigenous Torontonians


Sensitivity to the specialized needs of Indigenous Torontonians are not being met, or so some feel in that specialized community. A report completed for Toronto Public Health that was spear-headed by an Indigenous consultant says that there is a perception that the service workers do not understand this culture and that the opioid users feel ...Read more

Recovery houses pushed to accept MAT


The story covers the change-of-heart of an operator of recovery houses who was originally opposed to serving those in recovery who were on Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) drugs. The operator now runs houses that accept people on MAT drugs and the story describes the general trend towards accommodating the population of patients using MAT. Although the ...Read more

Working together works, local drop in overdose deaths


Logan County, Ohio has seen its first ever decline in the number of overdose deaths in 2017. The county's opioid task force has taken a broad, inclusive approach that doesn't rely exclusively on Medication-Assisted Treatment but combines it with education in their schools about opioids, new sober events, medication take-back programs and plans to increase ...Read more

Oscar-nominated film on drug court shows rehabilitation possible


The Netflix documentary "Heroin(e)" focuses on the drug court serving Huntington, West Virginia, "ground zero" in the US Opioid Crisis. The court has had impressive victories rehabilitating addicts. It offers a treatment program centered on mandatory drug testing, addiction treatment, community service and counseling to give participants a chance to turn their lives around. The film ...Read more

A Doctor’s Story of Addiction

A telling story of a medical doctor who, due to high stress and easy access to opioids, became addicted to opioids. After an encounter with law enforcement and loss of his license, he "clawed [his] way back into the land of the living." Thirteen drug-free years later, he was faced with a medical necessity to ...Read more

Addicted to OxyContin at 17

A  recovering opioid addict went on to found Facing Addiction, a leading national addiction recovery advocacy organization. A core message for his group is that people in recovery need ongoing help and one of the organizations key action items is to promote the need for multiple pathways for recovery for individuals and their families.  ...Read more