Real Stories

Even as we work to tackle the large issues of addiction, we must keep in mind this is a personal crisis, affecting individuals and their families. This means that the successes are personal as well — the individual addict in recovery, the family that is saved. Particularly where the public policy pendulum wants to swing towards long-term Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), we need to be reminded that MAT is not a panacea and that many people in recovery do achieve a completely drug-free life.

Narcotics Anonymous Success

A teenager who became addicted first to marijuana, then alcohol, Perc-30s and then heroin. Using tools he learned through Narcotics Anonymous, he was able to recover, return to school and now has a goal to become a licensed drug counselor. ...Read more

Addict Finds God and Beats Addiction

Introduced to painkillers after a motorcycle accident Evan Figueroa-Vargas became addicted and his habit escalated after his girlfriend and their child left him. Eventually, he was arrested for theft and incarcerated. In jail he went through withdrawal and found God. He turned his life around, now lives drug free and works to help other addicts overcome ...Read more

First person account of overcoming Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)


This story, posted on the Bluelight website gives a first-person account of an individual who withdrew from long-term opioid use, apparently without the use of replacement opioids. Bluelight presents itself as a site dedicated to "helping drug users help themselves" with a stated, overarching philosophy to: "Meet people where they are and encourage open dialogue ...Read more