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Employers: Use caution when dealing with prescription drug users


The latest battlefield in the war with the opioid epidemic may be the commercial front. Businesses, big and small, are being sued for what was once considered usual practices. Activities including blanket drug testing, questioning employees about the prescription medications they take, as well as changing a company's policy that requires employees to disclose prescription ...Read more

Suing the Opioid Companies


Two well-informed academics discuss the legal maneuvers and the possible successes of the various lawsuits that have been brought against opioid manufacturers, distributors and big retail pharmacies. They point out that "in the past four years, roughly 400 cities, counties, and states initiated lawsuits seeking recovery for their additional public spending traceable to the opioid ...Read more

Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side


The dark side of addiction encompasses the addiction itself, all the illegal and legal plethora associated with drugs including needles, pills, liquids and even strips. These are the physical objects. The human component, the person that struggles with the addiction, is often the most overlooked in the battle of how to handle this modern war. ...Read more

The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy


Purdue Pharma's history of marketing and promoting OxyContin shows what influence money has on our social framework. Offering large bonuses to their expanding sales force, giving physicians free symposiums on pain management, giving out "free" samples of the drug to patients, Purdue ran a well-funded and targeted campaign. Doctors who prescribed opioids the most were ...Read more

Suboxone Debate: What Is the Big Problem with Buprenorphine?


Suboxone's controversy lies in the truth that is does do good for the short term but it may be repeating past mistakes in what is unfortunately a predictable, potentially irreparable way, by replacing one opiate for another resulting in no fundamental change. Those who contend that Suboxone users will no longer lead a life of ...Read more

Christiana Care reports progress in cutting use of opioids


Christina Care, Delaware's largest health care provider, took a strong action of dramatically cutting back the amount of opioids that were prescribed. This was done as a plan to lower the chronic use of opioids, cut-back the number of opioid addicts and thus reduce overdose deaths. It has now been widely acknowledged that years of ...Read more

Natural recoverers kick addiction without help


A Harvard Medical Publishing article about how to end addiction without having to use any drug or going to a treatment center. It stresses that "natural recoveries," often can end addictions.  This two step process involves doing something new to fill that void in your life that the addiction took. Take up a new hobby, ...Read more

The Great Suboxone Debate


Suboxone has garnered a greatly divided crowd.  When asked if it should be used as a way to detox from opioid addiction, most agree yes to this, but when asked if it should be a maintenance drug, the gap is quite obvious between those who insist that it will return addicts to a "normal life," ...Read more

Multiple Pathways to Recovery: A Cause for Hope


That there are multiple pathways to recovery has been an axiom of the recovery community for years. This principle — that we do best when we support and encourage many approaches to recovery — goes hand-in-hand with the recognition that recovery is never a one-shot deal. Instead, it is a process that unfolds over time. …Read more

Petition aims to hold Purdue Pharma accountable

A petition was started recently to hold Purdue Pharma, and the Sackler family behind it, accountable for their part in creating the opioid crisis. The petition is directed to public and cultural institutions that have added the Sackler family name to buildings and other landmarks because of family donations.  The petition argues that "Purdue’s ...Read more