Philosophy, Purpose and Mission

Our Philosophy

Addiction is a complex condition. Its nature, cause and resolution are not universally agreed upon and the science remains unsettled. Opioid addiction presents a particular danger as it can so often be fatal. Science and long experience have conclusively demonstrated there are many pathways to recovery, including the use of treatment drugs when needed to reduce the risk of fatal overdose and followed up with counseling, behavioral therapies and life skills to help achieve long-term recovery.

However, some proponents of the treatment-drug model are advocating for the exclusive use of pharmaceutical drugs for treating addiction without any use of counseling and behavioral therapies. Some of these advocates are even calling for all non-drug approaches to treatment to be abandoned. This “single pathway” approach is not supported by the science, ignores the fact that millions have achieved recovery without treatment drugs, and invalidates the well-established principle that there are many pathways to recovery. Further, it denies impacted individuals and their families the right to choose a treatment approach based on fully informed consent. We believe in policies that support and encourage healthy addiction treatment ecosystems consisting of a diverse set of treatment providers in numbers adequate to address the need.

Our Purpose

The Center’s purpose is to understand and inform the political, economic and marketing forces shaping our response to the addiction crisis. We do this through the publication of original and curated content focusing on these issues and as aligned to our philosophy regarding addiction and its treatment. We critically examine potential unintended consequences arising from policy changes that ignore the value of the consumers right to choice in treatment, that act to eliminate pathways to recovery, and that diminish the role of informed consent.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold:

  • EDUCATION – To publish original and curated content that illuminates our philosophy and purpose as given above.
  • ADVOCACY – To advocate for policies that highlight the value of choice in treatment with informed consent and that support the creation and maintenance of a healthy addiction treatment ecosystem populated by a diverse set of treatment providers.

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