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Book with light @gettyimagesHeadlines may reflect the story of the day, but they seldom capture the nuanced reality of what is happening on the street, in our neighborhoods and our families.

Studies and numbers don’t capture the human side of drug addiction or the triumph of overcoming it.

To help rectify that issue, we are dedicating this section of the Center’s website to host stories, commentary and observations that help remind us why it is important to have forward-looking, intelligent drug addiction policies. In particular, we are requesting original or already published content that sheds light on the issues which can include:

  • Links to articles and studies that explain, clarify or exemplify concerns with the addiction-as-disease model or that identify problems associated with reductionist Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs.
  • Updates on local regulation changes that impact abstinence-based programs or choice in treatment.
  • Information on insurance changes that reduce the role or effectiveness of drug-free programs or that enforce the addiction-as-disease model on existing programs.
  • Real-world stories that explain or identify unintended consequences associated with exclusionary drug policies.
  • Opinions, successes or editorials from patients, parents and practitioners in the field.

Although decisions about how to address the opioid crisis, including implementation of programs based on the addiction-as-brain-disease theory, are being made at high-level policy and regulatory levels, it is clear the brunt of those decisions will be felt locally.

It is our hope that this section of our site will help to illuminate that impact.

To submit information, studies, links to news articles, promotional pieces, opinions or first-person accounts, send an email to: editor at