Summary and Analysis

In a groundbreaking move, the federal budget for 2022 reveals a recognition of the true magnitude of our addiction problem and an increased dedication to addressing it at a level that moves closer to the correct order of magnitude. As reported by Faces & Voices for Recovery, this is good news for the recovery community.

Until the funds are specifically earmarked, it’s not possible to determine how this money will be spent. Faces & Voices for Recovery posits that these funds will help support: recovery community centers, recovery homes, recovery schools, recovery institutions, recovery ministries; develop strategies and education campaigns, trainings, and events to reduce addiction/recovery-related stigma and discrimination at the local level.

Excerpted from Faces and Voices of Recovery

The President introduced the FY 2022 Budget, which includes—for the first time in history—a 10% set-aside for recovery support services.
$1.7 billion increase – Substance Use Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Block Grant = $3.5 billion total
$750 million increase – State Opioid Response Grant (SORG) = $2.25 billion total
$500 million increase – Peer Support Technical Assistance Center = $1.5 billion total
$10 million increase – Building Communities of Recovery = $20 million total