A ground­breaking new British drug offers hope to opioid addicts

Summary and Analysis…

This article identifies what appears to be a new form of buprenorphine as a “new drug” to address opioid addictions. According to the article, Buvidal is a slow-release version of buprenorphine that can be injected either once a week or once a month.

While this undoubtably eases the burden of frequent trips to a clinic, the article doesn’t comment on whether the drug is being used in conjunction with other support services or how related services are managed to encourage long-term recovery. Unfortunately, the article also does not specify what, if any, tapering protocols are used with the drug.

Excerpted from  Business Insider

A groundbreaking new drug is the latest development in the fight against opioid addiction offering new hope to drug users.

Buvidal, an injectable form of Buprenorphine, acts as a slow-release drug and blocks the opioid receptors in the brain which stops the patients from having withdrawal symptoms.

It only has to be administered once a week or once a month, making it a good alternative to methadone which is often prescribed to wean users off of heroin and other opioids.