A resolution to re-write history: claims doctors have no responsibility

Summary and Analysis…

The history of the opioid crisis makes it clear that no single set of doctors were solely responsible for the opioid problem. But, it is well-established that the medical community did contribute to the issues we currently face. Ultimately, the resolution was defeated but seems to represent a misplaced focus on appearances rather addressing the underlying problem.

Excerpted from American Academy of Family Physicians Newsletter

According to a report on the 2017 Congress of Delegates of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), a “resolution introduced by the Mississippi chapter titled “Stop the ‘Blame the Doctor’ Game: Evidence Says Physicians are not the Cause of Opiate Crisis” grabbed the attention of family physicians.”

The “resolution included a resolved clause that asked the AAFP to engage in a public relations campaign to ‘dispel the myth that places the blame on physicians for the current opiate epidemic.'”