A Slave to Pills Goes Cold Turkey

Summary and Analysis…

An inspiring story of a prescription opioid addict who begins to experience life and sensations again once off drugs.

Excerpted from opiateaddictionsupport.com

“I have just gone through the most difficult psychological and physical thing in my entire life.

I was a slave to pills and doctors and pharmacies.

But I want you all to know that YOU are still in there.

Granted it’s only been 2 weeks off of opiates, but I am feeling so amazing.
I’m feeling again, feeling things I forgot I could feel. For three and a half years my only focus was my next dose and as much of it as I could get. The worst part is I did this all legitimately.

My doctors would just give me more and more of whatever I wanted pretty much.

I started having some medical problems being pain and this was the way numerous doctors dealt with it, when really they were actually robbing me of my life.

It made my life so small. Literally as small as a single pea sized pill…

I am far from a doctor, but I have dealt with doctors and hospitals everyday for the last five years, being a slave to them.

The amazing things I’m getting back is a million times better than any high from these toxic chemicals we put into our body…
ife is good…we have just forgotten that…”