Is There A Big Pharma Fox In The Anti-Addiction Hen House?

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The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) was founded in 1954 to study and improve the use of addictive substances in health care. In the half-century since, it has become a leading voice in the medical community with important reach into legislative and regulatory initiatives to abate the abuse of addictive drugs. Although it casts itself as an

Natural recoverers kick addiction without help

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A few years ago, a friend of mine decided to quit smoking. She didn’t follow any pre-set plan, like Nicotine Anonymous, or do any research. Instead, she just quit. She also took up running, and around the same time started dating someone new—someone who didn’t smoke. She’s been cigarette-free ever since. We tend to think that stopping an

Opioid makers should pay for anti-addiction efforts

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Twenty years ago, four major U.S. tobacco companies paid $206 billion for misleading the American public about the dangers of smoking under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement of 1998. As tobacco companies have had to help pay for the cancer, emphysema, and other public health crises they helped cause by aggressively marketing dangerous products, it is now time

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