Four Treatment Facilities Honored in Analysis of Post-Treatment Outcomes

Summary and Analysis…

This article concerns the first annual awards given to programs for post-care abstinence rates which ranged from 65%  for the Gold Winner to 42% for the Bronze winner.

The results were based on a study done on more than 3,000 patients nationwide and indicated a strong percentage of patients who were able to remain abstinent after participation in primarily abstinence-based programs.

Excerpted from Addiction Professional

Conquer Addiction, an organization that grew out of founder Joanna Conti’s frustration in seeking reliable information about treatment centers when her daughter needed care, has announced the first recipients of an annual award to facilities for their patients’ post-treatment abstinence rates.

Formally announced last week at Foundations Recovery Network’s Moments of Change conference, the 2019 Excellence in Treatment awards went to Renaissance Ranch of Idaho, Elevate Addiction Services in Santa Cruz, Calif., Alta Mira Recovery Programs in Sausalito, Calif., and AToN Center in San Diego. Renaissance Ranch offers intensive outpatient and other outpatient levels of care, while the other three organizations all have some residential treatment services.