Holistic Approach to Opioid Withdrawal

Summary and Analysis…

A musician, addicted to opioids to treat a medical condition, tells his story of getting clean by following his own path and trusting his gut. The story was published on a site dedicated to a multi-faceted address to addiction.

Excerpted from Richie Jenkin

Due to a disease of my peripheral nervous system, I have for the last five years been experiencing increasing pain and weakness in my legs. I was prescribed oxycodone, which I was all too glad to take! My doctor increased my dose a number of times.

This too I was glad to do: more painkilling action and I like the buzz! Two years ago I was raised to 60 mg/day and up until 6 weeks ago I was taking (gobbling) that amount daily, but with a gradually diminishing effect:

More pain more often and some signs (teary eyes, anxiety attacks and feeling mildly sick intermittently) of going into withdrawal by the end of most days…

End of the line unless I wanted to go broke fast buying pills or heroin on the street – not for me. I went to my doctor and told him the end result of my opiate treatment for chronic pain and that I needed to go into a hospital to be detoxed. At first he resisted, recommending a slow taper (10% every two weeks)…

I pushed my doctor to get me approved for detox because it felt right even when he urged a slow taper instead. And in opting out of IOP and in not using an NA meeting as a main cog in the wheel of my support plan I was trusting my gut.

It included natural supplements to build my body up and help with withdrawal; nutritional guidelines; exercise and qigong; journal writing; suggestions for social interaction; and products to help manage my pain…

A dose of courage; a dose of taking this deal seriously and treating it with respect; and a dose of love and care for myself. That’s my prescription. Safe travels on this road and all my best!

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