‘I was scared to get sober’: He dealt heroin, now he’s been clean six years

Summary and Analysis…

This is a story in the Courier-Journal chronicling the drug addiction and road to recovery for Erik Gunn. He was helped by a drug rehabilitation program and the support of the community. Mr. Gunn has been drug-free for six years, a success that has brought him to a new life without drugs.

Excerpted from Courier Journal

“By 35, drugs had dominated Erik Gunn’s life for two decades.He’d dealt them, too, eventually turning pill buyers on to heroin.

But standing over his grandfather’s casket during the 2011 Christmas holidays, he wanted to make a bold promise — to quit all of it — for the man who never lost faith in his potential.

“…Gunn has kept his word, remaining drug free nearly six years — about as long as the heroin crisis has gripped Louisville. His story provides insight on how to fend off a notoriously tough addiction that traps many in a cycle of relapses. Last year, overdoses from heroin and other drugs, on average, killed one victim every day.”