Living with Pain: Suboxone Destroyed My Teeth

Summary and Analysis…

One of the side-effects of opioid addiction that is often swept under the rug as its effects, “pale” to the doctors, compared to the pain of withdrawal. This is one man’s honest admission of the price, both financially and emotionally of suffering this side effect of destroyed teeth.

Excerpted from National Pain Report

An article by Mark Mainn published on the National Pain Report website regarding his experience with dental deterioration while on Suboxone:

“I knew from the dentist I had seen 6 months before that my teeth were vulnerable to this kind of calving from dry mouth – a side effect of Suboxone and many other opioids.”

The article covers several damaging effects, physical and mental, from both opioids and Suboxone.

For the full article see Living with Pain: Suboxone Destroyed My Teeth.