Summary and Analysis

This piece from provides an overview of a phenomena called ‘natural recovery’, This is defined as recovery that occurs without treatment or support groups. The article goes on to cite examples of people naturally recovering from heroin and alcohol addictions as well as experiences with people who have stopped smoking (also referred to as ‘tobacco use disorder’).

Understanding well how such recovery is possible could be life changing for many people. Unfortunately, very few resources have been devoted to studying and understanding natural recovery. Clearly, this phenomena of natural recovery is demonstrable: See for example here, here and here.

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Per the article, the most common approach to recovery is natural recovery. Citing a report from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the article defines natural recovery as recovery that occurs without treatment or support groups (NIAAA, 2012). When people recognize the cost of their addiction exceeds the benefits and correct this, they become the “heroes” of addiction recovery. The articles notes that we don’t hear about these folks too often. Specifically, it proposes that there four key ingredients in any successful recovery process. These are 1) humility, 2) motivation, 3) sustained effort and 4) the restoration of meaning and purpose. These are discussed in detail in the article.