Program for young men has no addictive medications and works

Summary and Analysis…

New Life House is a recovery program that is no frills and uses no addictive medications. It was established in 1987 in California and has been serving young men since then. This item is one of the testimonials taken from New Life House’s site.

Excerpted from New Life House Recovery Community

“This testimonial regarding New Life House is one which is heavily biased with respect to my own personalized experience going through this sober living. That being said, I feel compelled to shed some light on this establishment because it literally saved my life.

Not only that, but it cultivated and nurtured a foundation upon which I could lead a fruitful and successful life. Nowhere in the fine print – upon entering the house – is there promise of success and happiness.

That being said, simply by looking at the empirical evidence of those who have completed this process (fearlessly and thoroughly) as well as my own personal experience, I can say that: happiness, contentment, and quality of life seem to be the natural byproduct of going through this experience.”