Suboxone Misuse Along the Opiate Maintenance Treatment Pathway

Summary and Analysis…

This study explores “strategies that Suboxone misusers utilize while in drug treatment.” It found that some patients use Suboxone to manage opioid dependency between bouts of continuing misuse of opioids.

Excerpted from Journal of Addictive Diseases

“This study explores strategies that Suboxone misusers utilize while in drug treatment. Ethnographic interviews were conducted with 14 patients who had cycled in and out of Suboxone treatment. The objective of the study is to identify strategies implemented by patients who intermittently use opiates/opioids while in Suboxone treatment. Findings indicate that some patients serially stop and start treatment in a Harm Reduction setting in New York City. Many patients suggest that they manage their opiate/opioid dependency through a sequential use of Suboxone and heroin to avoid withdrawal and to continue their misuse of opiates/opioids. Results are discussed in conjunction with the difficulties inherent to substance abuse treatment and suggestions for improvement are offered.”