FY2022 Federal Budget Includes Funds for Recovery Support Service

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According to advocates such as Faces & Voices of Recovery (FAVOR), while a long-requested 10% set-aside for recovery support services was included in the president's budget request to Congress, that provision did not make it into the final budget bill. Patty McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer, Faces & Voices of Recovery, stated that “Over the last 20 years, our advocacy work has led to substantial increases in federal funding for recovery support services. These increases in federal funding have allowed our communities to build and strengthen programs where it counts–in community-based settings."

A Western U.S. Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference

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The Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference was established in 2017 by the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR), who continue as the primary sponsor and host for the annual event. The conference has always been held in Punta Gorda, FL, in part to allow William White, who lives in the area, to attend--which he has every year. This year a second conference has been added in Colorado to serve the western U.S. For more information see: ccarconference.org.

Prevalence and pathways of recovery from drug and alcohol problems

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Tens of millions of Americans have successfully resolved an alcohol or other drug (AOD) problem using a variety of traditional and non-traditional means. Findings suggest a need for a broadening of the menu of self-change and community-based options that can facilitate and support long-term alcohol or other drug (AOD) problem resolution.

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