Two and a half years later, over-prescriber’s license temporarily suspended

Summary and Analysis…

Because it took two and a half years to identify and investigate a suspected pill mill operator, the offending doctor was able to issue more than 10,000 prescriptions for “cocktail drugs” during a single year. It wasn’t until a year and a half after-the-fact — one and a half years in which he could have written thousands more prescriptions — that the Texas State Medical board had sufficient information to temporarily suspend his license.

We cannot afford such a lag when it comes to widespread distribution of MAT drugs.

Excerpted from Caller Times

A South Texas psychiatrist has temporarily lost his license after an investigation found he issued thousands of opioid prescriptions over a year, according to Texas Medical Board records.

The Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended the license of Jason Evans on Jan. 25, according to an order from the board. Evans’ main practice is in Harlingen, but he also practices in Corpus Christi, the document shows.

An investigator found that from August 2016 to August 2017, he prescribed “a total of 4,906 opioid prescriptions, 1,047 benzodiazapines prescriptions and 4,382 of Soma prescriptions.”