Summary and Analysis

An interesting take on addiction that deserves more investigation — the effect of nutritional deficiencies — on propensity to become addicted.

General health, including balanced nutrition, have long been part of some drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and the disruptive effect of alcohol on nutrient deficiencies has been noted.

That nutrition could be a factor prior to addiction should encourage a closer look at this factor when dealing with all phases of addiction.

Excerpted from The Mercury News

People with low levels of vitamin D might be at an increased risk for opioid dependence or addiction — and the deficit could be fixed with cheap and accessible supplements, a new Massachusetts General Hospital study indicates.

“Our results suggests that we may have an opportunity in the public health arena to influence the opioid epidemic,” said Dr. David Fisher, director of the MGH Cancer Center’s melanoma program and an author of the study published Friday.

Fisher and his colleagues found that vitamin D deficiency strongly increases the craving for opioids, potentially putting people at a higher risk for addiction.